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We only get one chance at childhood – which is why ASRA runs a wide range of
community-based services aimed at helping some of the most disadvantaged children,
young people and their families.
Like many people you’ll probably know about our work from the children’s school set up at …
As you can imagine, the diversity of our work presents us with an equally diverse
range of challenges, which is why getting involved with ASRA will almost
certainly be one of the most rewarding and engaging activities
you can take part in.

All you have to do is take a closer look
and then get in touch either by calling
on <phone noo> or by emailing
I look forward to hearing from you soon.

There are many reasons why you might want to get involved in volunteering or fundraising for your chosen good cause, including:

o    make a positive social contribution
o    bring your team together
o    encourage personal development
o    make yourself feel great
o    meet new people
o    free up time and money for the good cause.

Different ways you could get involved with are  :

Work as a team to achieve something amazing! ASRA challenges you to channel
your energy and resources into delivering results as a team. Apart from achieving
group-focused objectives, you’ll learn so much about how you work together to make
a real difference.

Whether you’re a team player or not, some people just want to work on their own
directly with children or young people. If you wish to support ASRA on a longer term
basis we have opportunities to suit you.

Helping in other ways
Fancy the challenge of a lifetime? Want to organise an unforgettable event in your local
community? Want to donate to ASRA through your payroll? There’s a whole host
of ways in which you can do this – and we’ll also give you all the promotional support
you need.

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