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By , October 25, 2010 2:15 pm

Resource Center at Phulwarisharif

The male and female literacy in Patna rural area is 64% and 36% respectively in spite of the efforts of education department, Non Formal Education and Bihar Education Project put together. Female literacy rate is more alarming in Muslim dominated areas, such as Phulwarisharif. Due to illiteracy and the poverty the indicators of health such as child mortality rate and mother mortality rate etc. are also higher. Child immunization is not satisfactory in rural areas such as Phulwarisharif. Awareness about Reproductive Health is very low. The use of contraceptives for delaying first child and spacing children is almost nil; resulting in higher number of children per couple.

In order to address the above issues ASRA has established  a resource at Tajnagar Locality of Nosha Panchayat, Phulwarisharif, Patna.

Activities in ASRA Jyoti Kendra Phulwarisarif 2007-2008:

1.    ASRA Jyoti Kendra Isapur

25 children of 6-9 years age group coming from below poverty line (BPL)  families have learnt to read and write two letter words in Hindi and count up to 100.

2.    ASRA Jyoti Kendra Tajnagar

12 children of 6-9 years coming from BPL families can read and write two to three words and numbers 1 to 100. Another 18 children who joined late recognize alphabets and count up to 100.

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